Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dog Bicycle Trailers

Cross Country Rider (& Dog)Image by TouringCyclist via Flickr
If you have a dog bicycle trailer, you have a safe, earth-friendly way to take your dog from place to place.  Some destinations are just to far to walk, and a dog bicycle trailer will get you both there without forcing you to be dependent on a car.  This is pretty important to those of us who are trying to lessen our petroleum usage and take care of the planet.

There are some things you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for a dog bicycle trailer.  Will your dog tolerate it first of all?  My dog loves riding behind me in her trailer.  She loves the feel of the wind in her hair as much as I do, but I know other dog owners who haven’t had the same experience.  I have one friend who’s dog spends the entire trip trying to dig his way out of the bottom of the trailer.  If your dog doesn’t like the ride you may be able to accustom him to his new transport in time, but it’s still a useful thing to know before you buy.  Consider renting or borrowing a used trailer initially.  You can give your dog a trial run and then you’ll both know what to expect.

Size is another important consideration.  If you think you’ll be using your trailer a lot, choose one that’s extra roomy so your dog will be comfortable.  Not only does this give Fido a little extra leg room, it also gives you some extra space for hauling things if you intend to use you dog bicycle trailer for other errands.  These trailers are versatile.  I use mine to haul groceries and to go to the laundry.  There are plenty of dog bicycle trailers that have an extra cargo rack on top too.  This gives you the option of hauling your dog and picking up carry out at the same time, an indispensable feature for anyone who is car free.

Finally, I would choose a trailer that lets Fido stick his head out the top.  The ride will be more fun for your dog if she can see what’s going on.  If you have some worry that your pup will try to jump out make sure you choose a dog bicycle trailer with a d-ring inside.  Put your dog in a chest harness and attach him to the d-ring.  Now she’s not going anywhere.

These trailers are useful as well as a lot of fun and they’re a big improvement over the bicycle basket or a backpack, wither one of which will throw off your center of gravity and make your ride less pleasant and possibly unsafe.  Besides your dog can’t ride in a backpack now can she?. 

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  1. These trailers are Quite populor in Germany. When I lived there many people carried their Dogs around in Trailers as it is a good method for transporting Dogs and much better that putting them in a Car

  2. I think so too. My dog is maybe the only dog in the world who doesn't like car rides. They make her sick, but this works well.

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